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    Benefits For Nannies Top of Page

    As an experienced nanny, you understand the importance of finding an employer family that appreciates and values your unique talents and skills. We primarily are referring experienced nannies who have been placed through or successfully screened by our service in the past. But we will consider new applications if you have current and extensive nanny employment experience.

    We can help you!

    At Nannies from the Heartland, we're committed to helping these experienced nannies that we have known over the years find positive opportunities which match their skills with a family's needs. We will consider applications from nannies new to our service if they have extensive and current nanny experience.  We provide this valuable service to you and post your profile on our website for potential employers to view at no charge.

    We put our heart into placing experienced nannies in rewarding jobs where they become a relied upon partner in parenting and make a difference in the lives of families.

    Caring, Supportive, Professional Placements

    Since 1990, Nannies from the Heartland has been helping nannies find families that match their skills and needs. Here's how our placement professionals will assist experienced nannies:

    1. We'll take the time to update your applicant file and learn what you're looking for through a  personal interview with you and contacting your recent employment references.

    2. Posting  profiles of experienced nannies on our website, we are here to help you market your skills and talents to potential employer families.

    3. Families are pre-screened. Nannies from the Heartland helps them prepare a realistic job description and a competitive compensation package.

    4. You will have the opportunity to select the families you are interested in interviewing.  Nannies from the Heartland will provide you with information on the families and help you prepare for interviews.

    5. Once you've found a family to work with, we'll help get an employment agreement in place so the family meets their obligations as an employer. And, we're available for ongoing support after employment begins.

    Why should you work with us?

    It's simple, you'll benefit from our experienced friendly staff, marketing tools, and ongoing support services.

    Quite often, the best jobs are not publicly advertised. Many excellent employer families work with Nannies from the Heartland because of the assistance and privacy provided.

    We screen families seeking our assistance in hiring a nanny. This saves you time and presents opportunities for you which are rewarding, enjoyable, and safe.

    We work with families who will respect nannies as professionals, employ you legally, offer competitive compensation packages, and have reasonable work schedules and expectations.

    Nannies from the Heartland provides resources and assistance for nannies and families to facilitate the interviewing and hiring process with the goal of long term employment relationships.

    As an experienced nanny, you can count on Nannies from the Heartland for ongoing support, information, and opportunities to meet other nannies.  We have an excellent blog with information, ideas and resources for you and your employer. You also have the opportunity to earn additional income by being a part of our Temporary Placement Services.

    Application and Search Process Top of Page

    1. Please review our website for; general information and qualifications required. We primarily are referring experienced nannies who have been placed through or successfully screened by our service in the past. However, we will consider applications from nannies new to our service if you have current and extensive nanny experience. Please submit a current application and/or resume.
    2. When we receive this information from you, we will review it and may call you to schedule a short "update" interview in our office.
    3. The next step after the interview is to determine if you and Nannies from the Heartland are a good fit.  If yes, we will begin the background check. The main task is to contact your references.
    4. We then prepare a complete applicant file about you that communicates to families what a great nanny you will be for them. Our positive endorsement of and previous relationship with you provides you a valuable advantage when interviewing for nanny positions in a competitive job market.
    5. In working with you to find a great match with a family we suggest you check out website job openings page and contact us about those positions that interest you.  At the same time we will be proactive and contact you when new job opportunities come into our office that we feel would be a good fit for you.
    6. For those job opportunities you would like to pursue, we will discuss the job in more detail with you, so you can determine if you want to move forward.   If yes, we will call the families to tell them about you and encourage them to review your applicant file that we forward to them. 
    7. The families review your applicant file, and will call you directly to schedule an interview in their home if interested in meeting you.
    8. After that interview, we are available to you and the families to answer any questions and provide assistance as needed.
    9. We suggest that you meet with the family a second time if both parties are interested in each other after the initial interview.
    10. If a family offers you a job, you then decide whether or not to accept. We're here to help you with any questions you may have and communication with the family if needed.
    11. If you accept an offer,  the family will prepare a written employment agreement for your review.

    We continue to work together until you find the nanny position of your choice.

    Requirements For Nannies Top of Page

    Please see our Nanny Qualifications page for more detailed information.

    We need to answer three broad questions about you for our client families:

    Do you have adequate experience and knowledge to care for young children? To be considered, an applicant must have a minimum of one year full time nanny employment experience that is current or very recent and other related child care employment or post secondary education. We are primarily referring nannies that have been placed and/or screened through our service previously.  However, we will consider applications from nannies new to our service if you have current and extensive nanny experience. Most of our positions are with children birth to 5-6 years of age so employment experience with this age group is required unless the job is with school age children.

    Will you be a good employee?

    • Stable verifiable employment history
    • Strong communication skills
    • Trustworthy, able to maintain confidentiality
    • Present a professional image

    Do you possess the skills and attributes necessary to work with young children in an unsupervised setting?

    • Provide the names and telephone numbers of three to four child care references who can respond to our questions about you 
    • Demonstration of: good judgment, critical thinking skills, time management, trustworthiness, responsibility, and maturity

    Because of the requirements for prior nanny employment experience and preference for post secondary education related to child development (or extensive child care experience), you will typically be at least 24 years old.

    The family's expect that you are able to work with them for a minimum of one year and, in most cases, ideally longer.

    For live-out jobs, you need a reliable vehicle for transportation to the job, and frequently also for transporting the children.

    You must have a valid driver's license.  Your driving record must be clear of any offenses relating to drugs or alcohol and recent excessive moving violations.

    Nannies from the Heartland requires all applicants to complete a release form allowing us to conduct background checks.

    Nannies need to be a non-smoker. It is important that you are in good health and are able to perform the essential physical functions of a nanny job.


    The International Nanny Association provides these child care definitions:

  • Nanny - Employed by the family on either a live in or live out, part time or full time basis, to undertake all tasks related to the care of children. Duties are generally restricted to child care and the domestic tasks related to the children. May or may not have had formal training, though often have extensive child care experience and a background in early childhood education. Typically, full time employed nannies will work 40 - 60 hours per week. Usually work unsupervised.

  • Babysitter - Provides supervisory, custodial care of children on a full time or part time basis with no special training or experience required.

  • How To Apply Top of Page

    Please carefully review the above requirements.  If you feel you meet the above requirements then we invite you to complete our application and release forms. See Nanny Application Forms page.

    If you have questions that have not been addressed by reviewing this information, feel free to give us a call. 

    Additional Resources Top of Page

    As part of our service, we provide the following services and materials to our nannies:

    • Interview Guide For Nannies
      Tips to help you prepare and conduct interviews with families.

    • Communicating With Your Employer
      Helpful tips to keep things running smoothly.

    • Nanny Logs
      For you to keep the parents up to date on the day's events.

    • Medical Release and Medication Forms
      So you can obtain emergency medical treatment for the children and administer medications.

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